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PindDaan in Gayaji


Pind Daanis the Hindu belief that after the death, soul of human being still remain in this materialistic world. Just because of the loss of body (due to death) someone cannot detach himself / herself from this world. The pull of Love, kindness, affection for his / her family, friends, relatives etc. and the affinity for the materialistic world prevent him to go for the extreme and ultimate departure. As a result, being a bodiless state that man (without body) gets pain. He wants to do many things but cannot.

Our Services

For NRI Online PindDaan Services

We are provide Online PindDaan pooja ,This service is for people who have not time to visit to GAYA, but want to give Pind or Tarpan to his ancestors or departed family members, In this service,We do all the pind daan and tarpan for your ancestors in place of you. And for your confirmation we provide real time video confraincing facilities, We will also deliver you the CD cassette of pooja .

PindDaan Services

We provide service to perform pinddaan and tarpan, performing Sradh, Asthi visarjan, pitru tarpan, pitra dosh nivaran

Special Pooja Services

Those who are by any reason, unable to come to Gayaji but still wish to perform any ritual or pooja here in Gayaji. On the behalf of them, by taking the Sankalp of their name, we perform their desired pooja and provide real time videos also after that we send pooja’s recoding to you!!

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